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 A Holistic Approach to Landscape Design 

Our approach to a hollistic landscape design starts with a single step. We’ll walk the land with you and help envision the project from the smallest details up to the biggest parts. As the process moves forward and the landscape reveals itself, we’ll help you adapt and refine the design, which will result in a more accurate reflection of your vision.

Our process of creating a beautiful landscape revolves around an intuitive, thoughtful, and communicative approach to both the design and construction process. We accomplish this by working closely with both designer and clients alike to create something of beauty and wonder. 

We take the time to get to know our clients and the conditions related to the site so that we can better understand the vision and how to best achieve it. We’ll help advise and guide, letting them know what hurdles they might encounter as we move forward. 

This is our approach. A fusion of your vision and our expertise that add up to something magnificent and beautiful. 

Landscape Design in Seattle

We’re passionate about gardens, landscapes, and unique outdoor features that create a sense of joy, wonderment, and peace of mind. At the onset of each project, we walk the site with our clients, getting to know and understand their goals, dreams, and desires. 

Soil types, plant requirements, available light and drainage considerations are all interconnected and need to be taken into account before we break ground on a new project. Hundreds or even thousands of small decisions must be carefully assessed to ensure the resulting landscape becomes sucessfully established and reached maturity.  

Our proactive approach ensures that our crews are actively engaged when working on your property. They look for what is thriving and what isn’t, and make the necessary changes for plants, trees, and lawns to flourish. If they find something that needs fixing, they bring it to the attention of our maintenance department and we work with you to make a plan.

We intelligently look out for the long-term health of your landscape. When possible, we only use organic, sustainable materials and maintenance practices.

Our process

When We Create the Design

We begin each project with a design meeting with our clients.

We listen to what they’re looking to accomplish and at the same time take an overall global view of how local building codes, municipalities, and landscape challenges could impact the project.

We walk the land. Steep slopes, shorelines, and drainage problems are just some of the challenges we try to preemptively solve. 

We advise our clients what hurdles we anticipate encountering based on our experience. Through this process, we’re able to help establish and refine the overall vision for how we move forward with a master plan.

Once we create an initial design, we’ll present the entire project to the client via graphical images and storyboards.

How we Work with Landscape Architects and Designers

Our highly skilled craftspeople have the passion and expertise to help great landscape architects and designers bring their vision to life.

We understand the design process from schematic design to permitting, and on through construction. It is our goal to support your process and make sure ongoing communication and collaboration are central to our efforts on behalf of you and your clients. 

We focus our efforts on every stage of the process, from working early on in a project, to help study feasibility and initial pricing, to helping our design colleagues work through challenging details. We are available and committed to making sure your project receives the attention and effort in every stage of the process. 

We also have an innate understanding of how design gets translated into the field – and this is the key to the success of a thoughtful plan. That translation is where our experience in construction and our strength in collaboration comes to fruition.

Through constant communication, we make ourselves available and committed to making sure your project receives the bespoke attention and effort that it deserves in every stage of the process.

Your beloved, landscaped yard is in good hands

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Custom Garden and Design Options

Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to custom-designing an outdoor landscape for your property. Lighting, water features, stonework, and pathways combine to form a living, breathing landscape. We can work closely with your designer or have our internal team bring your vision to life.

Our landscape architecture services can design and create everything from magnificently appointed outdoor kitchens to complex garden water fountains and bespoke masonry work.

Nothing is beyond our expertise. We can take a small area and design it to look bigger, or a big area and make it feel smaller and cozier. Our decades of experience, dedicated craftspeople, and passion for landscapes will work to your advantage as we help bring your vision to life.

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