Seattle Landscape Maintenance

 Stewards of your Landscape 

We not only design and install beautiful landscapes, we guide them as they age, carefully maintaining them as they develop and reach their full potential.

We’ll keep a constant eye and a green thumb on your new project, which will help ensure a smooth transition from brand new installation to mature landsape.

Sustained Beauty and Health

Keeping your garden and landscape healthy and beautiful throughout the seasons requires ongoing upkeep, we go above and beyond the traditional maintenance services.

We have devoted an entire division of our company to maintenance and upkeep. These dedicated individuals are highly-skilled, full-time employees who understand what it takes to keep a garden or landscape healthy, beautiful, and flourishing.

From pruning to water management, to proper fertilizing and mowing, our experienced and knowledgeable crew helps to ensure that the garden or landscape will stay true to the designer’s original vision.


Our proactive approach

Your landscape is its own entity, and as stewards, we are here to keep it moving in the right direction.

To do that, our crews stay engaged with your property. They look for what is coming to life, what isn’t, and make the necessary changes for plants, trees, and lawns to flourish. If they find something that needs fixing, they will bring it to the attention of our maintenance department supervisor. 

All natural and sustainable

When possible, and unless you request otherwise, we only use organic, sustainable materials and maintenance practices.

We engage in all-natural, sustainable, and environmentally-conscious maintenance practices that are safe for trees, flowers, pets, and kids alike.  

A long-term relationship

At Greenbank, we focus on building relationships with our clients that are as sustainable as our gardening practices. Our dedicated team is there to nurture and sustain your landsape as it unfolds.



We perform the following landscape maintenance services for our clients:

  • Seasonal pruning of perennials and shrubs
  • Pest control
  • Lawn fertilization and planting areas
  • Weeding and planting
  • Mowing and edging
  • Pruning, mulching, fertilizing
  • Managing and repairing light fixtures or puppy-dug holes.

We can also provide off-season and specialty landscape services such as:

  • Power washing
  • Christmas light installation
  • Garden preparation/styling for weddings or other events
  • Landscape clean-up and staging for realtors

Your beloved, landscaped yard is in good hands

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