Seasonal Color and Annual Planting 

We Bring the Seasons to Your Landscape

Our seasonal color services bring the wow factor.

Whether you’re walking up to your front door or looking out the kitchen window, you’ll be amazed by the colors, sights, and smells that reflect the seasonal changes of the Pacific Northwest.

Throughout the year, we cultivate living landscapes by accenting the right components at the right time.

We’ll bring to life choice textures, place selected flowers, and install plants that will make your front or backyard a visually stunning showpiece of seasonal color winter, spring, summer and fall.

Seasonal Color Services

Fragrant flowers, colorful pots, and seasonal décor will be brought to your home and garden area. We will replant, refresh, and redecorate to ensure that both the front and backyard represent the best of the current season. 

Our seasonal color services can range from mild to wild when it comes time to bring the seasons to your home. From small permanent plantings featuring pockets of color to grand and exuberant seasonal displays, we’ll transform your yard into a celebration of nature and seasonal lifestyle.


Daffodils, tulips, and bulbs act as a reminder that warmer weather is on its way. They provide a burst of fragrant freshness when you walk up to your door and hold a hint of the summer season to come.


A combination of flowers, grains, and vegetation carefully arranged in layers of texture along with compositions of fragrance and color make up our summer offerings. 


Fall grasses, pumpkins, and holiday décor help celebrate the bountiful harvest as we give thanks for all that we have received over the year.


The Pacific Northwest is known for its long, dark, dreary winters. We’ll add a touch of color and texture that will create interest and warmth outside your kitchen or bedroom windows. 

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