Rain Gardens and Drainage

 Elegant drainage solutions 

Drainage is an integral component of a well designed landscape. We are always thinking about where the water is moving.


Winters in the Pacific Northwest are wet, site drainage is an issue on many projects. Excess stormwater can cause flooding, oversaturated soils and erosion. We have a variety of tools to alleviate poor drainage. Sometimes the solution is as simple as ammending  existing soils to promote drainage. Other situations may require more complex solutions such as french drains, rain gardens and lawn underdrainage. Whatever the challenge, Greenbank can deliver a sustainable, site specific drainage solution for your project.  

We take below ground work seriously because we know landscapes are built from the ground up.


Side Sewer Work

Greenbank is also a licensed side sewer contactor so we are great partners on your larger site development projects as well. We have all the necessary excavating equipment and know how to get this critical utility secured for you.



How We Work

Our landscape design experts will sit down with you, walk your property together, and help you determine the best use of your space and budget. This collaborative design approach ensures a rewarding and durable landscape  that will be enjoyed for generations. Then our dedicated crew of experienced craftspeople will bring it to life.

Our craftspeople take pride in their jobs, and it shows in their dedication and attention to detail. From the initial design plans to the first shovel of soil, we work closely with homeowners and keep them informed every step of the way. 

High-quality craftsmanship comes from passion and experience. We pay close attention to the smallest details, refining and perfecting the design as the project takes shape and comes to life.



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