Outdoor Structures

 Details that pull it all together 

Outdoor structures are an important element to any installation. They can provide a framework and formality to the plantings surrounding them and offer a variety of utilities. Trellises, pump houses, gates, flag poles, sundials, art installations; these details are just a few potential options for your outdoor space. Let an outdoor structure installed by Greenbank tie your whole property together into a cohesive expression of your style.

Arbors & Trellises

Fine carpentry aspects, such as arbors and trellises can add a refined element to the landscape or may be a utilitarian structure for fruit or flowering vines. Arbors can provide a spot of shade or frame a pathway. Trellises are perfect for tight spaces. They have a narrow profile keeping plants tight to walls and fences. 



Privacy is very important whether it be on a large estate or in the center of town. Screening can be achieved with standard fencing or custom designed fence panels. Hedges and tall plantings also provide privacy. A combination of hedges, fences and garden structures can set up the framework for your garden and provide privacy from the outside world.



Basic utility or artistic flair; railings can provide both. Sometimes required by building codes and sometime required by design, we can find the perfect railing system for your application. We work with fine custom metal fabricators, carpenters, and other partners to design and create the most appropriate applications for you.





These are often big outdoor structures that you likely interact with on a daily basis. It should fit into the overall vison of your landscape and greater property. Greenbank works closely with our construction partners, you and your designers to create the gate that says both ‘welcome home!’ and “have a good day!”



Sometimes when strolling in the garden you need to take a break! We can utilize any material to build the most appropriate rest stop for your outdoor experience. Whether these benches are built into a stone wall and finished with sustainable hardwood or a more rustic application, benches allow us to see spaces from different angles and give us space to stop and reflect.


Pump Houses

Many of our clients utilize a pump system for irrigation and or other uses. Pumps are big and bulky and can be difficult to disguise in the landscape. Making their houses an element of design rather than a distraction can be paramount to a finished installation. We work with your architects and designers to ensure your structure will match with other onsite elements.






How We Work

Our landscape design experts will sit down with you, walk your property together, and help you determine the best use of your space and budget. This collaborative design approach ensures a rewarding and durable landscape  that will be enjoyed for generations. Then our dedicated crew of experienced craftspeople will bring it to life.

Our craftspeople take pride in their jobs, and it shows in their dedication and attention to detail. From the initial design plans to the first shovel of soil, we work closely with homeowners and keep them informed every step of the way. 

High-quality craftsmanship comes from passion and experience. We pay close attention to the smallest details, refining and perfecting the design as the project takes shape and comes to life.


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