Native and Mitigation Planting

 Restore your ecosystem and attract wildlife to your garden 

The pacific northwest is wonderful place to live. Not least of all because of the wonderful plants that grow all around us. When it is time to pull the wilderness into the landscape, we can help with well designed native plantings.

Mitigation Planting

These are often required by municipalities for permitting purposes. Especially when working adjacent to wetlands or waterfronts, mitigation plantings ensure harmony with nature. Greenbank has years of experience dealing with permitting and regulations that may affect your project. 

We will take care of all the leg work to ensure your new landscape design is permittable and applicable for your site. 

Native Plantings

Our team is very knowledgeable about native plants and know exactly how to incorporate these special pieces into the landscape. Maybe you have an affinity for a local plant or tree from childhood, maybe you have fallen in love after engaging with a species in the forest or on the trail, maybe your municipality is requiring a native plant pallet for a permit. There are so many to choose from; high meadow perennials, deep forest shade plants. We have all the possibilities available to us, let’s work together to find the best combination. 

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