Artificial Turf and Porous Grass Pavers

 Low maintenance alternatives for lawn and parking 

Greenbank Gardens has discovered a handful of synthetic turf products that meet our standards for residential installations, which once installed look and feel like real grass.  

Artifical Turf and Porous Grass Paving in Seattle

 With the new developments in synthetic turf, Pacific Landscape deals with products that are leading the market.  This cutting-edge high-quality synthetic turf provides a low maintenance alternative to grass that stays green regardless of weather or level of care.  This turf looks and feels like real grass without the hassle of mowing or weeding.  The products we use are pet friendly. Should you need irrigation to keep your lawn clean and reduce pet odors, we can adapt your synthetic lawn to partner with any irrigation system to maintain a level of quality and cleanliness.

Grasspave2 grass pavers is a structure which provides incredible load bearing strength while protecting vegetation root systems from deadly compaction. We have succesfully installed this product to create pervious parking areas that are planted with lawn or other low growing perennials. 

Stormwater is slowed as it moved through Grasspave2 surfaces, which deposits suspended sediment and increases time to discharge. Suspended pollutants and moderate amounts of engine oils are consumed by active soil bacteria, which are aided by the system’s excellent oxygen exchange capacity.

Grasspave has been approved by numerous municipalites for use where pervious paving systems are required. 


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