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Seasonal Color

Add Color and Style

Every season provides the opportunity for a colorful display. Seasonal plantings are a wonderful way to personalize as well as add color and style to your gardens, patios, and entryways throughout the year. In a commercial or institutional setting, seasonal plantings bring year-round interest and provide a sophisticated and welcoming look.  Greenbank’s container planting designs can be changed out with the seasons, or designed to last almost year-round with minor adjustments made throughout the year to enhance seasonality.

Small Garden Projects

Small changes in your garden or property can provide significant aesthetic and functional impacts. If you have a small-scale garden project that you feel is not large enough to warrant a construction crew, Greenbank’s maintenance division can lend their expertise. Whether it is installing a new patio, building raised vegetable beds, repairing an irrigation system, or redesigning that back corner of your yard that you have been meaning to get to for years, we have the experience and knowledge you need.

Next Steps

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